Croatian police inquiry: Four in Slovenia smuggle more than 100 people


Zagreb / ​​Ljubljana, 11. 02. 2020, 12: 38 | Updated before 38 minutes


The Croatian prosecution has opened an investigation against four Croatian citizens and citizens of Northern Macedonia on suspicion of being in cases smuggled into Slovenia at least 106 persons, Zagreb police confirmed. The group earned the least

. 500 Euros.

The prosecution suspects there are four men, old honey 25 and 51 flights, from October last year to the end of the year 2019 smuggled more than 66 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Slovenia and further towards Italy.

Several guides have been hired to smuggle people into Slovenia, who are on the croatian side take over the borders and walk them past the border crossings to the agreed location in Slovenia. PHOTO: Shutterstock

Ob they hired unknown perpetrators who drove people from the Croatian border to BiH to the Zagreb area. Then two members of the group took people to the Croatian-Slovenian border and demanded 500 or 1000 per person, the Zagreb Police Department explains on the website.

Hire more guides

Several guides have been hired to smuggle people into Slovenia, who have taken over people on the Croatian side of the border and led them on foot past the border crossings to agreed locations in Slovenia. An unknown person took over the people there, who continued transport to other EU Member States, most often to Italy.

A citizen of Northern Macedonia is suspected of having installed accommodation in a Zagreb hostel in agreement with group members 10 persons who were then transported to the Croatian-Slovenian border near Obrežje.

Police are continuing a criminal investigation to expose other members of the criminal smuggling association.

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