Brad Pitt: who is his secret companion

Pitt attended the Oscars with an escort many thought to be his mother. The blond lady has attracted quite a bit of interest since she has never appeared in public in his company before. , who will be the lucky one to attend Brad Pitt in the prestigious event. The actor who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor surprised the viewers and attendees with his choice as his company was run by an elderly lady of blond hair.

Brad Pitt with PHOTO: Profimedia

When speculations began as to who the mysterious lady was, many people bet that his mother was Jane Pitt. Brad recently mentioned at the Golden Globes Awards that he would like to invite his mother to the Oscars. He later jokingly added that this might not be the best idea, since he would not want to encourage guesses about his love life.

Brad Pitt at this year's Academy Awards PHOTO: Profimedia

Brad took his parents to past awards have already been invited, and have been present at the Oscars of the Year 2012. He is very attached to both, although they live in Springfield, Missouri, where Brad also grew up. His family had nothing to do with the acting profession, as his father owned a trucking company and his mother was a counselor at the school. Beard was initially interested in journalism, but dropped out of his studies and devoted his only love to film.

Brad Pitt's parents, Jane and William, have attended awards in the past . PHOTO: PZ

In who, then, is the lady who had the honor of accompanying the celebrity actor? None other than his manager Cynthia Pett-Dante.

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