Bordeaux: advertisements of the hunting federation on TBM buses create controversy

Keolis Bordeaux Métropole and the departmental hunting federation received numerous insults following the poster campaign on the hunting license on the network's fleet. Keolis announces he wants to avoid this advertiser

” I have never seen this ! This weekend, Guillaume Desenfant, director of communication for the departmental hunting federation of Gironde, recorded hundreds of insulting messages on the Facebook page of

Most alluded to the poster campaign on the sides of the TBM network buses in the Bordeaux metropolis. Since Wednesday 22 January, the federation communicates on its device “Pass your hunting license for 0 euro” . The poster on a sunny background shows two hunters accompanied by a dog in the wild.

“Assassins”, “You sow terror”, “Dirty barbarians”: these are the types of messages that Guillaume Desenfant deleted on the wall of the social network page. “We also received death threats ,” he said.

Death threats

Also on TBM's social networks, many internet users opposed to hunting have accused the manager of the public transport network of supporting hunters and criticized him for letting this advertiser speak on the bus fleet.

In a Facebook message posted this Tuesday morning, TBM said understand the emotion aroused by these posters , while specifying that they are legal and announces that they will be removed from this Wednesday.

“We do not withdraw them ,” said the communications director. Our advertising campaigns change every week. It is not us who choose the advertisers but our national agency, namely Clear Channel. “

” Sensitivity on the animalist cause “

The communications department nevertheless clarified to “South West” that following the controversy aroused by these posters, it was going to ask the sales manager to be more vigilant about the choice of advertisers. “There is a strong sensitivity in Bordeaux on the animalist cause , it is not the first time that we are confronted with this kind of reactions”, specifies- her.

“Our activity is perfectly legal. We offer training, not a hunting license. I remind you that there are a million hunters in France, that it is the 3rd sporting activity but we face more and more powerful lobbies vegans, antispecists and animalists . Many people who leave us abusive messages know nothing about hunting and tell anything, “says Guillaume Desenfant. The hunting federation has 38 000 practitioners in Gironde and 25 employees. “She does not intend to stop there”, he specifies.

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