Before marriage they lived in celibacy, now their sex life is 'crazy'

Star Justin Bieber, who lived in complete celibacy with his chosen Hailey Bieber until marriage, shared with the public some very personal details about their current sex life. The spouses continue to indulge in bed pleasures.

Canadian musician Justin Bieber is in the London arena O2 had a minor acoustic concert for his biggest fans, where he spoke candidly about his sex life with his wife Hailey Bieber . He let visitors ask him anything, and one of the fans was interested in what he likes to do in his spare time, reports E! News .

“It depends on who I am with” Justin. “When I'm with my wife, you both love … You can guess what we're doing. It gets crazy … mostly we do it,” he was honest, and then I added that they like to watch movies together.

They continue to surrender to bedtime pleasures. PHOTO: Profimedia

Until marriage in complete celibacy

The couple have been married for years 2018 and still abstained by then. Although this may sound strange today, a year ago Vogue claimed that they were in complete celibacy and that this was the best decision,

They said that celibacy was the best possible decision they had ever made. They conceded that perhaps the desire to taste the bedding passions together as soon as possible helped them not to drag their relationship into perpetuity but to decide so quickly to marry. Although they are happily in love and love each other, they both pointed out that marriage requires hard work, a lot of investment, and that this is by no means a kind of magical fantasy.

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