Beautiful things happen to Jani Kovacic after the birth of his son


Canal near Soca, 11. . 2020, 20: 24 | Updated 3 hours ago


After the first time he became a dad, the Slovenian volleyball team Jani Kovacic has been doing positive things himself. 22 – the year-old boy from the Soča River valley is also playing great in the new club – Ravenna after inspiring national team performances at the EP. He even fights for the Italian Championship finals.

“Their goal was to be in the league, for now it shows us a lot better, and I really just hope we keep going, “ talking to Ervin Čurlič I am told in the home environment by Jana Kovačič, the best free agent of last year's European Volleyball Championship, where Slovenia won a silver medal on the wings of outstanding fans.

Before the championship, in particular last May, it was clear that Kovacic would join Ravenna. “Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of playing in Italy. desire fulfilled, I told myself that I would enjoy and indulge in these feelings, “ Kovacic remembered the dream come true.

He is fortunate enough to live and train at a club relatively close to his hometown (Gorenja vas in the immediate vicinity of the Canal near Soca) , so it can return to its home environment on a regular basis. “I come home once a month, come to my mom's for lunch. In Italy, most of them don't have this , the soup always fits in. It's nice to come home, it's always nice to get on the Soča River, “ was completed by Kovacic .

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