Ariana Grande kissing an unknown boy in public


Los Angeles, 11. . 2020, 17: 04 | Updated 8 hours ago


Musician Ariana Grande has once again stirred the curiosity of her fans. They spotted her at one of the restaurants in Los Angeles, where she came in with friends and kissed one of them.

So far, fans and the media have yet to figure out who is the lucky one who he was kissed by popular singer Ariana Grande last weekend , so they conclude that it does not come from the star world, reports TMZ . Ariana only stayed at the restaurant 22 minutes, which was still enough to get her into the lens by one of the fans.

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She visited the restaurant in the company of friends who enjoyed wine and only drank water, according to TMZ where they are find out that DJ played her song during Ariana's visit God is a woman , but the musician wants to replace the music because she doesn't want to listen to her song.

Some foreign media, however, speculate if the mysterious boyfriend might be a musician Mickey Foster , as they recently visited Disneyland together, where Ariana held him by the hand. None of their rumors denied or confirmed, but Ariana's half brother Frankie Grande did

who wrote on Twitter: “My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone is relaxing. She is very single.”

Ariana Grande visited Disneyland with musician Mickey Foster (far left) and held it in hand. PHOTO: Profimedia


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