Angoulême: Minister Franck Riester heckled for the launch of the year of comics

This Thursday, at 13 hours, while the bells of the town hall of Angoulême were ringing, the Festival of the comic strip invited the public to “take a comic break” by offering everyone the opportunity to read, at that time, the comic strip of their choice. An operation carried out from the forecourt of the town hall, where the Minister of Culture was expected Franck Riester.

Upon his arrival, the minister was heavily whistled and heckled by protesters against the pension reform and angry authors, present in the public. Franck Riester went up to the podium for a few seconds, with the mayor of Angoulême Xavier Bonnefont and the boss of Ninth Art Franck Bondoux, before rushing into the courtyard of the town hall. A few minutes later, protesters from the city center were blocked by a CRS cordon, which generated a moment of tension . Finally, the roadblock was lifted and the demonstrators were able to reach the forecourt of the town hall.

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