Aljaž Kovačič denied the release of classified information

In a statement to the National Assembly, Aljaz Kovacic, a member of the LMS, today, denied the SDS's allegations in order to provide the media with classified information about transactions from Hungary, which he had access to as a member of the parliamentary inquiry commission. However, he has a duty to review this information, he said.

The SDS is the chair of the commission of inquiry on alleged money laundering at NKBM and illegal financing of the SDS A letter was sent by Jani Möderndorfer (SMC) proposing that he be summoned and prosecuted for suspected of committing the crime of secret information.

LJS MP Aljaz Kovacic dismissed SDS allegations in a press statement today. PHOTO: National Assembly

Leader of the SDS Daniel The culprit , in a letter, highlighted media reporting that Kovačič and one of the expert associates of the LMŠ parliamentary group in the DZ security zone 31. In January and February 3, she reviewed the transfer documents and transactions of Hungarian private companies. It is a dossier obtained through a parliamentary inquiry procedure and is marked with an appropriate level of secrecy. At the same time, there were reports of Hungarian account transactions in the UK and Hungary by two media companies that broadcast television and the Nova website 24 TV and transactions in Northern Macedonia for purchases of media companies.

SDS champion Janez Jansa claimed in a press statement today in the National Assembly that only two companies from the National Bank had access to data on transactions of private companies and both are from the LMS . “So there are no big secrets here. What the authorities are going to do is their business. Usually they don't investigate themselves,” said.

Kovacic, on the other hand, claimed today that he was not correct in the fact that only he and a LMŠ expert had accessed the data, but did not want to talk about it. who was doing all this. “I work transparently, I'm probably one of the few to sign myself underneath what I'm reviewing. If I wanted to go James Bond, I probably wouldn't sign underneath the documents I am reviewing, “ he told, and labeled the issue of information as a big lie. He also did not want to comment on the content of the media.

SDS Champion Janez Janša today claimed in a press statement at the National Assembly that only two companies from the private companies' transactions had accessed DZ and both are from LSU.

Today, however, Möderndorfer called the SDS call unworthy and of some kind pressure on the commission. At the same time, he noted that only the chairman of the commission of inquiry could see who had accessed the documents and what notes he was making, so he did not know how the guilty Member could know. However, he did not want to say whether only Kovačič and an expert at LMŠ really had access to the documents. The second part was scheduled for the end of March. If they do not perform it, they will, based on all the facts, report to the National Assembly what they came to. He added that no one from the SDS had asked him about the matter in a year, as members made it clear that they were no longer planning to attend the meetings. “But everything has changed since last week,” said .

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