Abramov again pleaded not guilty in court

30 – Annual Sebastien Abramov stepped before the judge again. Namely, the Žale District Court reopened legal proceedings on suspicion of fraud at the expense of the parents of his late girlfriend, Sarah Veber. Last year, the court assigned the case to a new judge due to staff changes. Abramov pleaded not guilty again.

Sebastien Abramov , suspected of murdering his then-girlfriend Sarah Weber of the year 2015 in Pernovo pri Žalec, is supposed to owe her mother 17. 000 a loan from

Abramov pleaded not guilty in court today, reiterating that Sara and not him needed the money, and that her parents agreed to pay off the loan themselves . He insisted that he was innocent at the first meeting last February.

Since March last year, he has been in custody for insurance fraud

Criminal criminals have also charged Abram with suspicion that he should would kill Webber out of self-interest with a rifle. At a hearing before the Celje Investigating Judge, he made a written statement last year, insisting it was an accident. The suspect, who was called Sebastjan Colarič at the time of the incident, described the incident as a disaster that happened when he was cleaning his rifle.

Abramov insists he is innocent. PHOTO: POP TV

The Celje Prosecutor's Office filed a request for an investigation 24. in May last year on reasonable suspicion that Abramov had committed the crime of murder for a lowly and insidious manner. He faces up to 30 years in prison.

Abrams has been in custody since March 7 last year for insurance fraud. Together with three other suspects, including his current girlfriend , Julija Adlesic , he concluded accident and life insurance policies with five insurance companies for Adlesic, claiming compensation, after that time 21 – Adlesic's annual, who is also in custody, intentionally cut her hand over her wrist.

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