A stranger demanded cash from drivers for allegedly injuring a car


Nova Gorica, 11. . 2020, 20: 24 | Updated 3 hours ago


Novogorje police officers were warned by residents that an unidentified driver in the area of ​​Nova Gorica and Solkan was trying to convince them that they collided with his car and injured him. The man also claimed compensation from the injured party for the alleged damage to the car.

Police officers found that the unidentified man was in a dry line and tall 170 inches. She has short black hair and is darker complexion. He spoke to the citizens in Italian, trying to convince them that they had damaged his Audi car with Italian license plates.

An unidentified man claimed payment from the injured party in the form of cash for allegedly material damage to the vehicle.

In order to clarify the circumstances and because it is likely that an unknown driver has injured more people, the police are asking potential injured parties to report to the Nova Gorica Police Station. They can also report to any other nearest police station or call the police emergency number 105 or anonymous phone 080 1200.

Police officers recorded several similar cases of attempted fraud over the past week (the photo is symbolic). PHOTO: POP TV

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