A new case of coronavirus infection in Italy

While coronavirus is spreading around the world, cases have already been confirmed in 25 countries, more than

. 000 people , more than 600 are dead, the worst agony continues in Chinese Wuhan, where the virus first appeared. In Italy, however, the first case of infection with a new virus in Italy has been confirmed.

According to health authorities in Rome, an infected man who returned on Monday from Chinese Wuhan in a group 56 of Italian students and entrepreneurs.

The male was first quarantined after returning from China to a military complex in Rome. He was later taken to Spallanzani Roman Hospital for Infectious Diseases where he was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. The patient has a slight fever, the hospital said.

A Chinese couple is also at the hospital, with a new coronavirus confirmed eight days ago, with more suspected of being infected. on observation.

Coronavirus, General PHOTO: AP

Measures to curb the spread of the virus

Extreme extremes have been introduced by the Chinese authorities in Wuhan, meanwhile measures to curb the spread of the infection. Many of the measures, however, have left the already desperate residents even frightened.

A particularly forced quarantine in which more and more people are killed after authorities ordered a search of homes and a search for survivors. Methods of identifying the diseased also include forced measurement of body temperature. The infected are then taken to “quarantine centers”, which, in fact, are merely emergency shelters – medical care there is so minimal that it would further endanger people's lives, reports New York Times .

People should therefore feel that they are left to themselves and that the authorities sacrifice them for the “good of the rest of China.” The Chinese Party is said to be willing to sacrifice anything to stop the spread of the disease, which is expected to throw a bad light on it, and it has also severely affected the Chinese health system.

V 11 – The millionth Wuhan mortality rate is as high as 4.1%, while in the rest of China it is only 0, 17 – Percentage. Locals say the situation in the city is “as if they were in a war”. A local stadium, art galleries have also been converted into emergency hospitals, and a hospital has been built, but due to the large number of patients, the capacity is still far short.

responded to the virus, adding to the death of a doctor who was silenced when he began warning of a dangerous virus.

While assessing the epidemic as a “major test for China”, the US leader said Assured Donald Trump that the country will overcome the disease. He also added that additional measures are being put in place to stem the spread of the infection.

Meanwhile, China remains in a significant contraction, including many factories shut down and economic damage increasing day by day.

The Toyota car manufacturer has announced that it is expected to start working in Chinese factories only after 000.

There are increasing problems in Hong Kong, where part of the medical staff strike for the fifth day, demanding, among other things, the closure of borders with mainland China. The strike is just another political complication in the city, which has been shaken by protests since last June.

The virus has quarantined a cruise ship off the Japanese coast.

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