A Chinese activist reported on the situation in Wuhan, now mysteriously disappeared

After the shocking death of a young Chinese doctor, Li Venlieng, who reported on the coronavirus outbreak but was silenced by the world, another Chinese whistleblower has disappeared. Activist Chen Qiushi has been filming events at hospitals in Wuhan and posting videos on social networks.

In the last few weeks, Chinese activists Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin served as the eyes and ears of the world at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan City. With the help of mobile phones, they recorded events and posted videos on Twitter and Youtub.

But now one of them – Chen Qiushi – has disappeared mysteriously. Friends and family have been trying to reach the missing Chinese for 20 hours, but unfortunately unsuccessful. Bin, too, disappeared for a while after posting a shot of the corpses at one of the hospitals on social media. He also recorded a moment when authorities broke down the door of his apartment to forcefully quarantine him. Following the public outcry, Bina police were released.

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Qiushi, most prominent among the many residents documenting the accident around them, has become for many followers the source of factual facts about the epidemic. Locals in Wuhan made some videos during the outbreak, including footage of corpses, resentment between quarantine and hospital patients, and police knocking on doors to enforce censorship.

Coronavirus infection has already killed 814 people , more than are infected. 590. The death toll has already exceeded the death toll from the sarsa epidemic 2003. At that time, 774 deaths were recorded.

A Chinese activist recently went to foreign countries He said to the media that he was concerned about his safety, as he was among the few people in the country who dared to speak. “ I'm scared. I have a virus in front of me, followed by the Chinese authorities , “Qiushi explained in an emotional Mandarin video he posted on Youtub.

In the video, he showed the situation in hospitals where patients are lying in the hallways, some waiting for admission for several days before the hospital. He also filmed a woman hugging a deceased relative in a wheelchair while trying to call a morgue.

Meanwhile, the number of new coronavirus infections is still rising. PHOTO: AP

Qiushi, a former lawyer, was reported by media in August when he traveled to Hong Kong to report on protests there. He was temporarily detained by the authorities at the time.

It is no coincidence that posts by Chinese activists have gone viral on platforms such as Twitter or Youtube. According to Bloomberg, Chinese authorities have already tightened control over Internet usage and are targeting popular Chinese networks Weibo, WeChat and ByteDance. Regulators have already scrapped a number of bills and are doing a thorough 'online cleanup' to silence people protesting the death of one of the 'whistleblowers', the doctor who first warned of the virus.

As the experts say, the authorities there gave the people some freedom at first because of pressure from the rest of the world, but now the ruling Communist Party is regaining control on social networks, fearing that they would lead to wider panic.

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